You know you've been in your room to long when you go to church, see the sermon is on change, and the first thought you have is that the change of scenary was wonderful. Church last night was really good. Pastor C.S. was a little more preachy, as my friend noted, but thats cool, it was a very good sermon. He spoke on change and power and the Holy Spirit.

Besides church though, two of my friends this week moved further along in relationships. One got a girlfriend, the other got engaged. Also one of my friends birthday's is this week. So now, on top of all the work i have to do this weekend, i also get to go to a celebration. Beer and Cigars, good friends and good times (well, ok, i am not much of a cigar guy. As for beer, i'll take a rum and coke first, but beer is ok); studying? who need studying? lol.

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