An excercise in uncensored free flowing word/thought:

Silence. the void. Filled with questions and answers, don't match, come together NO... can they, perhaps. copping out and coming back falling rising living dying death the end is it near live as if it is live as if it isn't paradox and contradiction God of love and God of judgement. hate justice love peace anger punish down down down spiraling closer, closer closer To what? spiraling up down in out bigger smaller who what when where so many questions so many answers never enough of anything and life in the midst in the midst of pain and pleasure strawberries ice cream golden leafs falling around wind and rain and falling towers and plane crashes struggles and cries reflection crisis death in life life in death time to wake up. wakwakawaka wake up open your eyes see hear smell for real taste torniquet on neck spine crushing betrayal forgiveness stabbing healing love life wake up.

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