Hmmm... what else to say. I am in university, studying Religous Studies and Christian Theology at the UofA. I am engaged to a wonderful woman; she will probably be appearing in this blog often as it goes on. I live in a basement room of a house with four guys. Right now we are undergoing a lot of transitioning, and by the end of this month it will be a whole new house, except for me. My room has been called the crypt by HomieBear, perhaps because its often dark down here, with only one small window and thick curtains, or maybe because the insulation sucks and it gets very cold in winter (i have a space heater for when i am around). It has also been called the Devil's room. That is because the curatins on that small window are blood red, and if i leave the lights on and the curtains closed at night, from outside the window looks erie, blood red light shining out. If you were to walk in, you would see a mess. Papers, tons of books, blankets, pillows, and miscelaneous items create a maze for the feet, and a menagerie of logos to tantalize the eye.

Besides that, the motivation to create this BLOG is largely from my avoiding a paper i should be writing. On Heinrich Schliemann, whom you will probably have never heard of unless you are into ancient art and architecture. I am not so much into that, but i have fine arts requirements to fill. To the credit of the teacher, this course is actually interesting, unlike the other art history course i have taken.

Thats all for now,
God Bless

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