Woohoo my books are here!!! I ordered some books online almost a month ago, but then that huge power outage cut that out. When I and the company finally figured out what was going on i had to reorder them, and then when they got here, i guess the slip or whatever (didn't get it delieverd because there were customs fees to pay) got lost, so they have been at the post office for a week. But they are here now. Incidentally, if your interested in the specific books they offer, 7loaves is an excellent place to order books from. They handled the situation incredibly well, did literally everything they could and then some to get it all sorted out and get my books to me. They even gave me a discount for the inconvenience (in the form of free rush delivery, though it didn't matter at this end, but thats not their fault), when i knew that there was nothing they could do about it (i mean, seriously, how are they supposed to handle a massive blackout without inconveniencing people?). Plus, their prices are decent.

Thanks to both of you who commented on my post about finding my voice, i appreciate the advice. Its almost counterintuitive for me, as I have spent much more time developing speaking skills than writing skills, and in speaking the audience plays a large role. In any case, I will figure it out, and my style will definitely change over time.

On my way home today, i saw yet another person hit the "audible signal only" button at a crosswalk. I looked real hard, but i don't think they were blind. At first i wondered if it was stupidity, so easy to be judgemental, but i spent a little more time thinking about it (yes, definitely a good use of my mental faculties while riding home on my bike) and I think its just habit. Habits run our life a lot more than we like to realize. Postmodernism in a lot of ways is about freedom, but it is about freedom from instead of freedom to. So many are so unwilling to undertake the harsh disciplines that might shape their person, their soul. All the while we shout about freedom, and are enslaved to the habits that must grow to fill the void we leave in our unwillengness to come under discipline.

I'll stop there for now, as I need to get to work on the essay that i was avoiding when i started this blog, but over time i will rant about stuff, probably more on what i touched above.

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