I had a little arguement with Chapter last night about swearing. She hates it; and for good reason. I on the other hand, while i do my best to keep a "clean mouth", am not above swearing for shock value or to remove myself from the easy categories that people slide me into (its easy to do, you find out I am a Christian, and for a lot of people, the categorizing is already done). Of course the whole thing is based on a dichotomy that only becomes valuable for my purposes when i acknowledge it and then don't treat it with integrity... oh oh i think i am arguing myself into a corner here... Then there are the questions of wether or not breaking out of an old category to be put into one that i got to by swearing is what i am after.... grrrr, so i still want to shock people, and i still want to not be put into the easy categories people have, but it looks like i am going to have to put more thought into how it is down.

On that note, I do have an idea for a T-Shirt that i think it would cool to make and where. On the front, it could say "blurred", and the the back "Jesus is the man" followed by a list of sayings (which aren't complete yet, so feel free to offer suggestions): 1. I believe Jesus was 96.9% chimpanzee and 100% divine (might have that first number wrong). 2. Jesus loves Osama Bin Laden, Saddaam Hussein, George Bush, Pornstars, and all the rest of us screw-ups. 3... 4... 5... (i think five would be a good number) Then at the bottom, after a list of controversial and shocking statements, "Me, i want to go into the ministry". What do you think?

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