Sweet, done the essay.
Report: Time: 4:10 - 7:55 = 3hr and 45 min. Subtract breaks and dinner (about 1hr) 2.75 hrs. Still to be done: Final editing.

When am I going to do the final editing? Sometime in the next two months!! Thats right, this essay is not due until Nov. 24th. Why am I done an essay due on Nov. 24th by Oct. 7th? Don't ask, because unless you knew my schedule it just wouldn't make sense. Normally, I don't do essays this early at all. Normally about 3 weeks before it is due i start reading for it, one week before its due I write it, and over that week i edit it. Can't do that this year, my schedule just won't allow it. So I had to be a little more disciplined and planned. Thats 2 essays, out of six, done, and boy does it feel good.

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