Outside The Inbox: songs inspired by SPAM is now available for free online!! Thats right, a free cd, by various artists, full of songs inspired by subject lines from spam.

Its actually a pretty decent CD, I don't like all the songs, but some of them are pretty funny.
I liked "You Are Being Watched" by Supercar "Never trust your cookie jar, cause cookies are all spies...." lol

I haven't listened to them all, but I am quite enjoying it. Worth checkign out. Huge variety of styles, as well as varying levels of interaction with the actual subject of SPAM.
"Erik Someone wants to date you.. so we told them you didn't know how to drive."
(from "Erik Someone Wants to date you" by Brad Sucks)

enough, i have studying to do. Hilarious stuff, check it out. I will listen to the rest as I study.

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