I had a good bad weekend. It was fun, and I got to do some hanging out. I helped our fourth, Superman, move in. So its me, Superman, the Big T, and That Guy, in our house now. But I got no work done. I tried to work on sunday and I just couldn't do it.

Chapter on the other hand had an excitement filled weekend of chaos. She is a youth sponsor at her church and they went to an alliance youth conference this weekend. Chapter had never been to one before, and was a little bit unprepared for the amount of chaos that is involved in such things. Kids skateboarding in church hallways, doing the macarena in the aisle on the bus, etc. She got used to it and had fun still.

My random music on winamp just started playing REM "Its the end of the world as we know it". That combined with John's comment on my last post, and a few books I am reading, just now started me thinking. The world is changing a lot. No one seems to quite know how, the growing mountain of contradictory books on the subject continually reafirms this. Some of the authors are waking up to the fact that we really don't have a clue what we are hurtling towards; all we really know is that we are hurtling somewhere at an accelerating, and incredibly fast, rate. The fact that a name like postmodernism has stuck for so long is a prime example of this: we can't call it what it is, we have to call it what it isn't. Bill Easum compares what we are going through to a journey through a wormhole, and if that analogy was taken all the way then we would be forced to ask the question of whether or not we will survive the journey.

I just started reading "Burning Road" by Ann Benson. It is a fiction book which tells two parralel stories. One is during the black plague, following a renegade genius doctor. The other is in the future, there has been a huge outbreak of a disease called Dr. SAM. Dr. SAM has since gone dormant, but there has been a massive restructuring of society.

"Jesus, Tom, we have a Bill of Rights, a Constitution..."
"I know. Everyone knows. Don't ask me how we all forgot those things."

I have read several other books about the massive restructuring of society due to disease and/or war. It seems a common plot these days. Undoubtedly, the real world will turn out much more complex, and much more simple, than these novels. We had our first taste in 9/11, what will be next? And how will we respond? How will you respond? And where is your hope in the midst of this world?

"Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine."

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