Yesterday was tantalizing. You ever heard of the greek myth about Tantalus? He became immortal by wining and dining the God's, but then betrayed them, stealing some of their godly nectar and sharing it with other mortals. So he was sentenced to the eternal punishment of being neck deep in water, with fruit right above him just out of reach. If he bent down to take a drink, the water level would sink, and the fruit would come down, but if he stood up to get the fruit, it went back up and so did the water. Thus we get the word Tantalize. This word, however, has become almost a good thing, and I am not reffering to it in such a way. No, yesterday was tantalizing in that good old fashion sense of greek torture. Why is this? Well, if you have never been in a long distance relationship, you may not understand, but I will try to explain. In a long distance relationship the best form of contact available to you is usually the phone. You come to depend on a person's voice in a very special and intimate way, and though not the same as being with them (which is also amplified by having a long distance relationship), it is still very good. Yesterday, my phone was cut off for the entire day by TELUS while they switched the line over to my name. Why you need to cut the line out at all when nothing is changing but the name on the account, I don't know, but I was definitely not expecting it to take all day. So I spent some time online with Chapter, but that just doesn't cut it; and thus I was tantalized.

The good news? My phone works this morning!! Unlike Tantalus, my fruit is in reach after only a day.

Chapter I miss you, and i can't wait to speak with you tonight.
Also, I get to go and see you tommorow!!!!!

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