We had a guys poker night last night, it was sweet. We got two tables going, one of four and one of five. Five dollar buy in, so this is cheap poker were talking about here. Of those nine people, 3 lost all their money, 3 ended up down but with stuff left, and 3 ended up winning some. I did pretty good, i was down 7 and came back to being down only 1.50. But my friend steve did amazing. He came back from being down 6 to being up 25, which is a record win at our guys poker nights. HomieBear if you are reading this, you shoulda been there.

In other news, lightning struck the Gibson Passion shoot, again! I follow in the wise footsteps of the pink moose, and offer no comment on that one, though many jokes spring to mind.

And finally, the fourth member of our household should be moving in sometime today. Very cool.

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