Storming Through My Final Midterm

7:14, and all of the appliances in my room waited with glee. The coming moment would be marvelous.
"You ready?" Asked the palm pilot.
"Oh yeah!" replied the alarm clock, a little to much glee in his voice.
The computer, the voice of reason, chimed in with "I don't know if he meant to turn the volume all the way up last night guys, maybe we shouldn't do this..."
But it was to late.
"ENGH ENGH ENGH ENGH ENGH!!!" the alarm clock shouted, almost giggling at the same time.

In a blind panic, I awoke. Sometimes when I awake to that stupid buzzing noise, yeah you can all hear it, I think I have a sadistic masochistic streak in me. This mornign when I awoke to that alarm clock, I couldn't think anything except "shut it off shut it off shut it off", like a mantra it rang in my head. But I couldn't find the button... never fear there's always the plug. I reached, and pulled.

"Not this time buddy, you gave me batteries" thought the alarm clock, and with a vengance the buzzing continued, only he upped the pitch.

Now I didn't think it was possible for my alarm clock to get more annoying, but it did. It took a minute, but I did find the button. I then proceeded to reset my alarm to 7:30... why, I am not sure. I think if my mind had been functioning properly I would have realized that 15 more minutes of sleep would not have been worth going through that experience agian, but alas, I did it anyway.

I spent the morning reviewing, I called Chapter and she prayed with and for me. It was good. Around 9:10 I went upstairs, and got ready to go. My midterm started at 9:30, so with my bike 20 minutes was lots of time to get to school. Then I looked outside. Pooring rain, windy, really really windy. Too late now.
Heading out the door I tried to put on a brave face, as my roommate scared the crap out of me by poking his head into our airlock.
"Wow its nasty out isn't it!!"
Now, I'm thinking, thanks man, I needed to hear that. "Oh yeah, can't talk though, gotta midterm to write."
"ok Good luck, cya later."

Several things conspire against my bike ride to school being a good time. Pouring rain and cold don't help, it is up hill all the way to school, not serious uphill, but a gradual rise that makes me work the whole way there, and the streets act as funnels so that when it is windy the windy is always blowing directly in my face as I head to school.

I learned three very important things on that bike ride to school. One: Puddles are often deeper than they look, deeper even than I thought possible on our streets. Sploosh "Man I don't remember that pothole being there...". Two: My spring/fall jacket which looks like a windbreaker over a fleece is actually about as waterproof as a rianjacket, though probably not over long periods of time. Three: Khaki pants can hold a lot more water than you think.

Despite all this, I got to school in record time. Its amazing what a little motivation can do. 5 minutes. I walked into the medical science building, which is the logical place for an ancient art and architecture midterm, and shoke my jacket off on the mat. My hair feels like I am still in the shower, and I have gained at least 10 pounds. So I head upstairs to the washroom. Once there I dry my hear and wash my hands and face with hot water. Then I rung my pants out. Thats right, I took my pants off, held them over the sink, and squezed enough water out of those things to fill an aquarium. They were still soaked, but I sure felt light on my feet.

The midterm started on time, and I arrived early enough. A friend and I joked the whole while we waited for it to be handed out. "Please Lord, make it 25 slides of Hercules, if its the last wish you grant, please." The slides turned out to be worth less than I though, only 25 out of 100, and they were definitely the worst part of the exam. Slide 1, what is this... good question. Slide 15 where is this... yep I missed that class. And so on. I think I got about half of them. The rest of the test was a breeze though. The terms and such were easy, I think I got two wrong. One i didn't know, and another I got mixed up, so maybe three. The essay question... well, i wrote three pages single spaced.

So the test didn't go as well as the previous three, but it went well. Now I think I am going to have to speak with my appliances about their recent behavior.

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