And so begins the weekend. 12 o'clock on a saturday, with an oreo cookie for breakfast. Well, ok, I am going to go and eat a real breakfast, but thats what I started with. It seems that I like to write here even when I have nothing to say; lets see, this weekend will consist of studying, reading, and talking with Chapter.

Thinking about tithing last night as I fell asleep; as I plan on being a minister, I am going to have to talk about money sometime. I, like most people, or so I like to think, know there is little to no basis for the 10% tithe to be found in the new testament. I have heard the church accused of keeping this old testament teaching, among all of them, because they want/need money. I don't think that such an accusation could be farther from the truth; I think that this idea is kept and taught because the attitudes towards money that are actually evidenced and encouraged in the New testament are much scarier, and much harder, than a 10% tithe. Jesus on money and treasure in the sermon on the mount, the poor woman who's penny is worth more than rich men's tithes, the rich young man, the descriptions of the church in Acts... Just some thoughts.

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