This morning I found out that the word "internet" first came into use the same year that I was born, 1982. Cool coincidence.

How did I find this out? By rewatching a flash music vidoe called "Internet Killed the Video Star" by Broad Band. Which is another funny little music thing. "Came from the cold war, now its one global store" (while these lyrics are being played the have two guys (world leaders perhaps? lol) giving each other the finger, with the bold words COLDWAR in the background, and then it changes to the same to guys, in winter gear, smiling, with the words COLWARDROBE instead. Yep, American Capitalism won the day... of course the Russians taking the bad advice of america led to its economic downfall, and while this was going on, America was given multiple chances of mutual disarmament with Russia, but they refused every time. They knew that the "Russian Bear" was entering its death throws, why disarm? Of course, today, the US is reaping what they sow, as the former soviet union's missiles, that could be gone now, are slowly being distributed among the enemies of America. On the other hand, Communist China seems to be doing quite fine with a little bit of free market economics, although some are arguing that it is only a matter of time before the whole communist thing there is done, because after all, how could free market economics, capitalism and consumerism not win the day? Of course, more and more people, who are more educated than I, in that field are pointing out that while democracy promotes free-market economics, it doesn't neccessarily work the other way around.

Who knows what will happen next, isn't this fun?

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