December 2010

Failure Demotivator

December on my blog... fail.  Back at the end of November I pretty much gave myself permission to not blog.  This was a singularly bad idea as that permission became my banner for the month.  I raised my head from the black depths of self-fulfilling prophecies briefly on the 9th with my only post of the month.   Shockingly, if I were to make a top 3 lists of post views in December, you would find it at the top.  

What did I learn? That with no intention to write, it just doesn't happen.  That I find it very easy to fill my time with other things.  That I miss blogging and writing when I leave it for so long.  That blogging and writing are not the same thing.  That preaching really does suck up a lot of energy.  So, nothing new. 

When the last Advent Sunday passed I thought to myself, 'Hmm, maybe I will blog a bit before Christmas.'  I even started a post.  But let me tell you, nothing kills the creative spirit of an introvert quite like 2 and a half days of straight entertaining and company.  Afterwards, I had to climb up to the darkest corner of the attic, where my creativity (as well as my energy, patience, and holiday cheer) had curled up to have a good cry.   I managed to pull them back together just in time to bundle up the kids for the 5 hour drive to Salmon Arm.  

Anyway, I'm back now.  2011 here I come.... or wait... am I the one coming or is 2011 the one coming?  Whatever.  Happy New Year!


Advent Reflection: Messy

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  Not so much because of all the stuff, like decorations and presents and parties (though I like these too), but because of the story.  The advent story is so full of goodness.  I hear it every year, and each year I learn more. 

This year I have been thinking about how messy it all was.  Mute old man, pregnant teenager, displaced families, murdered infants, and on and on.  I know, we like to make it all clean.  Silent nights, pretty cradles, and clean animals.  But Jesus was born in a cave surrounded by stinky animals and I am pretty sure he cried.  For songs about Jesus birth I much prefer this song, from Behold the Lamb of God

Things were not just messy on earth as a consequence of Jesus coming down to us.  They got messy in heaven too.  Take a look at Revelation 12 if you want to know what I mean.  We dare not forget this side of Christmas.

You might wonder why I have been thinking about this.  Let me tell you (I know, your thought I wasn't going to, right?).  Partly it is a reaction to the way our culture portrays Christmas and the Advent story.  More importantly, it is because I find this messiness very encouraging. 

God loved us so much that He became a man and died for us, and part of that is His willingness to get messy on our behalf.  It also encourages me because out of all that messiness and broken-ness, God brings something good.  That is who God is, that is how He works, to take what is bad (and it really is bad; it is not made good in itself because of what God will do with it) and redeem it, bring forth something good out of it.  

I have hope for my own life because of what God has done for me and because of how God works.