The same Amma (Amma Theodora) said that a teacher ought to be a stranger to the desire for domination, vain-glory, and pride; one should not be able to fool him by flattery, nor blind him by gifts, nor conguer him by the stomach, nor dominate him by anger; but he should be patient, gentle and humble as far as possible; he must be tested and without partisanship, full of concern, and a lover of souls.

Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria, of holy memory, asked Abba Pambo to come down from the desert to Alexandria. He went down, and seeing a prostitute he began to weep. Those who were present asked him the reason for his tears, and he said, 'Two things make me weep: One, the loss of this woman; and the other, that I am not so concerned to please God as she is to please wicked men.'

---The Sayings of the Dessert Fathers

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