The Question Game

Have you ever played the question game? Your answer may depend on your relational status, as for me the question game was a dating/relationship game that has carried on into my marriage.  The rules are very simple: 1. You take turns asking each other questions.  2. The questions have to be reversible, that is the person you are playing with has to be able to ask you the same question and you have to answer. 3. You may ask derivative/follow-up questions, but they don't count as your turn.  4. You may, but do not have to, decide on a theme before you begin (e.g. "would you rather" or "favorites" or "childhood memories"). 5. Any person may refuse to answer a question, but if you do that question still counts as a turn.  

Last week I asked you for questions, and I now feel like I am going to spend a couple of weeks on my blog playing the question game.  This is a little bit strange considering the context this game has held in my life to date.  Nonetheless, I think it will be fun.  

Before I go on, let me say that you can still get your questions in to me if you want. Also, since this is becoming a question game, I invite you now (and will continue to invite you as I post on these questions) to offer up your own responses.  After all, the questions are supposed to be reversible. 

Even though there were not a ton of comments on my blog, between email, facebook messages, in-person conversations, and the comments I did get, I have received quite a few questions.  I think I will start the theme weeks, as there will be several,  next Monday.  In the meantime, below is a list of the questions I have received (in no particular order).  I have roughly categorized them, though some questions easily fit into more than one category.  


What's one of the most memorable times of your childhood?
What would you most like people to remember you for after you die? What would you like written on your tombstone?

What is one book (besides the bible) that has had the greatest influence on your life? 
In your own life have you learned more from your failures or from your achievements and success?
If you could relive any part of your life what would it be and why?

What are a few of your favorite things? 

What if you knew you were going to die tomorrow? (also: what if tomorrow was your last day on earth? what would you do if the world was going to end tomorrow?)
What if you knew you were going to live tomorrow?
If your life could be whatever you wanted it to be, what would you change?
How do you know you have reached the 'when I grow up' stage?
How do you know you have learned something? 
How do you know something is true?

What if you knew you were going away for the weekend?
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be (assuming you could actually be healthy on such a diet)?

If you could ask God just one question, what would you ask? 
If you could experience one biblical truth in such a way that you always 'knew it', which one would you choose and why?
If you could witness, or live through, one part of the bible, which would it be and why? (other than any part of Jesus life)
What are the biggest questions you have regarding your relationship with God? Have they been answered? If yes, how have those answers helped you? If not, how do you feel about them not being answered and how has that impacted your life and your view of God?
If God granted you one request what would you ask for and why? How will your request be viewed from others around you? (Or: if you had one wish, what would you wish for and what would others think of that wish?)
How would the world look if more people focused on truth rather than rejoicing at what's wrong?

So there you have it: my list of questions.  20 in total.  4 weeks of posts on this topic... Anyone got more question?   

Just asking for more makes me feel a little bit like a sucker, but I can't help it... :P

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