Q8: Living in the Bible

Question: If you could witness, or live through, one part of the bible, which would it be and why? (other than any part of Jesus life)

Yeah, I suppose the obvious and common answer is the life of Jesus.  So, what would my 2nd choice be? I think I would choose the Acts church, starting in the upper room.  So many people try to use Acts as a church manual, which it clearly isn't, but I understand the impulse.  What was the first church like? How did it feel to be a part of that community? How is it possible that Luke could write of them that "all the believers were together and had everything in common" ?  It seems like it would be such an amazing community, and yet we know that they too had their problems.  I think that I would learn a lot from being there, seeing the things they struggled with and the things they didn't.

Even more interesting, to me, would be the opportunity to speak with the 12 apostles! I could ask them all the weird questions about Jesus I wanted, and I could get Philip to tell me the good news of Jesus starting from Isaiah (or some other book of the OT) and hear how they presented the gospel.  Maybe I could even meet Paul, and question him about theology.

Yep, definitely the church of Acts. What about you? What would you live through?

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