Q10: Changing Me

Question: If your life could be whatever you wanted it to be, what would you change?

I don't really like this question.  As a Christian, I know that I am to be content with what the Lord has given me. Even that though, I am very grateful for all that the Lord has given me.  Kristina is amazing.  In fact, I would say that she is the best wife ever! We have two healthy children, cute and growing and so much fun.  I have a job that I feel called to and blessed in, I enjoy it and am surrounded by good people.  And I trust that God is giving me what I need. 

So... what would I change? Well, there are all the obvious ones: having the complete bible memorized in multiple translations, including the original languages (which I would, of course, fully understand).  Having more money, both for my family and to give away.  Not having any debt, which goes along with that first one. Maybe I would have written and published a book or two by now. 

Even as I say those things, I don't think they are that important.  I know that the mistakes I make are also good for learning and growing.  But if there is one thing I would change it would be to get rid of some of the bigger mistakes I have made.  I would never have looked at pornography.  I would never have run from God when he called me to ministry.  I would have always treated Kristina right (thank you for being so forgiving when I don't).  

Blech.... bad question.  

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