Q7: Living On

Question: What if you knew you were going to live tomorrow?

This question is a corollary of the 2 "what if you knew you were going to die?" posts I did last week.  What I think about when I ask this question is this: what if I knew I was a statistically average person (for me that means I will live to be 77.8 or so) with a full life expectancy ahead of me?  What would I do with that time? 

The trouble for me is that I am living my answer.  I guess that is not really trouble, its a blessing, but makes for a fairly boring post.  Given an average lifespan, I would seek to grow daily in my faith, falling deeper in love with God and getting to know Jesus more and more with each passing moment.  I would want to use and develop the gifts God has given me, for His glory and the furtherance of His kingdom. I would want to grow in the love of Christ, and I would do this through my family, friends, and serving in ministry. I would seek wisdom, beginning in the fear of the Lord.  I would love Kristina more and more each day so that each year of our marriage is better than the last.  I would have a family and be the best father I could be, learning and growing through having children, and also helping them to do the same. 

I would put my priorities on the things of God rather than earthly things, know that I am a citizen of the kingdom of Heaven, and act accordingly as an ambassador for Christ. I would chase the "life to the fullest" Jesus offered with each breathe I have been gifted with. 

Of course, I would do all these things imperfectly, but so what? :) 

So, are you living as if your whole life matters? Are your priorities such that if you knew you had a whole life ahead of you that you would be moving in a good direction? Or have you said 'later' to far too many things, using the time you have as an excuse instead of an opportunity? In other words, what would you do if you were going to live tomorrow? 

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