A 2nd Look

If you read my review, a few days ago, on Turning Controversy Into Church Ministry you may have also read the analysis I posted about some of the statistics in that book, and questions/doubts I had regarding them. 

Very shortly after publishing those posts, W.P. Campbell himself, the author of said book, commented and offered several clarifications on these issues.  Because I think some people will have read the post before those comments were added, I want to draw your attention back to them, in order to be fair to Campbell and his book. 

Among other points, Campbell rightly noted that: 
"the point being made in the book is quite tangential to its main arguments, and the actual point made is very relevant and not a distortion of the trends in our country (in this case related to marriage)."

He also warned, again rightly, that (speaking of me): 
"your references to “alarmist” usage of data can itself become “alarmist.” I believe the main theme and tone of my book is untainted by the concerns you have raised and that any book with statistical references can be debated in terms of the usage of data. But this book is aimed to avoid controversy, not to create it, and in my research I have intentionally left out a lot of statistical data and its interpretation from both extreme camps related to this controversial issue."

Lastly, he provided a useful link which outline in more detail some of his sources and statistics. 

Head to the comments section on the blogpost linked above to see his full comments and my response. 

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