One of Those Days

It has been one of those days.  You know, the kind where things just seem to go wrong? A day when the things that do go wrong seem to bother and annoy you disproportionately? Yeah...

I have been fighting a cold for a while, and it seems to be getting worse. Last night was rough with Hannah, who now sleeps through the night, waking up several times and Ethan getting up earlier than normal.  I felt like I was up from 2-5 AM, even though I really was not. 

This morning I took our car in to Kal-Tire.  One of our tires had a slow leak and I wanted to get it fixed.  Turns out there was a screw in the tire.  But the appointment, which was supposed to take 60-75 minutes took over 3 hours.  Normally I wouldn't mention the company name in something like this, but I have to say that they handled it very well, with gracious customer service and quality care.  I was impressed with Kal-Tire, but highly annoyed at having to spend 3 hours at the mall.  I know, some of you would find that to be paradise, but I hate shopping. I brought books, finished them, read magazines, shopped, and just generally got frustrated.  I would have much rather spent the time at home. I was going to take Hannah to the park. All the thoughts of what could have been rose up to put me in a bad mood.

On the way home I needed to stop for groceries and lunch.  Groceries went fine, but have you ever spent 15 minutes waiting at the drive-in window behind 1 car? On the one hand, I sit there and kick myself for not going inside, and on the other I once again get overwhelmed with thoughts of what could have been.  

When I finally did get home, at 1:30, it was just in time to scarf down lunch and go to work... As I walked out the door I told my wife that I needed an attitude adjustment.  I was sullen, frustrated, tired, and resentful.  What I had planned for the morning had been thrown out the window.  You know what I mean. 

I knew that I was heading to work in a bad frame of mind, and that if I didn't get out of the funk it would affect not only the things I needed to get done but also the people I would be spending time with throughout the day.  I wish I could say that my statement, 'I need an attitude adjustment,' had been a prayer.  I did not intend it as such but, praise the Lord, he heard it as such.  

Kristina had left Tenth Avenue North's new CD in the player (thank you honey!).  So my trip began with these two songs:

By the time I was done worshiping my attitude had been adjusted.  The rest of my car ride to work was Good; filled with prayer, worship, and some creative ideas.  Thank you God!

This whole thing reminds of something I know but frequently forget: There are tried, tested, and true ways of conforming my mind and heart to God's will.  Worship, Prayer, Scripture, Solitude, Silence, and so much more. I just need to run to Him instead of wallowing in my self.  

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for those worship songs. I needed that today too.