Q3: Questioning God

Question: If you could ask God just one question, what would you ask?

The assumption behind this question must, I think, be this: if you could ask God just one question, and receive an immediate and complete answer which you understood, what would you ask?  I clarify because I believe in prayer.

Other than that I have a lot of trouble answering this question.  One part of me immediately fills up with all sorts of questions while another looks at each one of them and points out that they aren't important and that all I would want is God's presence and the experience of the fullness of His love.  Plus, if I was seeing God face to face while asking my question I am not sure I could actually vocalize it at all.  Walker Percy asked an interesting question in his book Lost in the Cosmos: Why was Moses tongue-tied and nervous about speaking in front of his fellow Egyptians, but completely free and at ease speaking with God? 

Anyway, I have to choose something, so I think I would ask this: God, could you explain to me the Trinity and all its ramifications, effects, ripples, images, and so on? 

I kind of feel like that is a way to cheat and ask God to explain everything, but there it is :) 

What would you ask God if you had just one question? 


GilbertYu said...

Am I on the right path?

Anonymous said...

Please prove or disprove P=NP.


Roger Hui