April Reflections

Yes, this post is a day late.  I normally put up my reflections on the first of each new month. I was planning on doing that yesterday; I even started the post.  Then we left to take Ethan to the hospital at 7:30pm and we didn't get home until 2:30am. He had been throwing up all day and started to seem dehydrated, so off we went. When we finally got to see a doctor, he told us we would have to do 'rehydration therapy' with Ethan. For a little guy like him, that involved giving him 5ml of diluted apple juice every 5 minutes for over an hour to see how he handled it. Then, we got to take him home and let him sleep. As soon as he woke up, we continued the treatment. Kristina has posted some more details on her blog.

He is doing very well, thank you. He is through the worst of it, and though not 100% yet, he is heading that way. Kristina and I are exhausted. Other than that, I have a deeper appreciation for both facebook and smartphones. Because of them I was able to get a lot of people praying for Ethan on no notice at all, and I know that that fact made a huge difference. So thank you all very much!

Still thinking about how to incorporate that into my mostly negative view of facebook :)

Anyway, here is the usual list of the month:

3 Most Visited Posts of April:

1. Politics in/and Church  - Once again the most 'controversial' post rises to the top. 

2. Introducing... My Wife! - This pleases me greatly. If my blog points you to better things then I have accomplished my purpose. 

3. "Life is a Miracle" by Wendell Berry - Such a good book (even if the second one I read by Berry wasn't as good).

Posts to look forward to (these are working titles):

Regent Pastors Conference on Leadership - I don't know what the post(s) will be, but I am heading to the Regent Pastors Conference tomorrow and I am almost guaranteed to post something, or several somethings, as a result.

Books for Pastors - A friend at the retreat I went to a couple of weeks ago asked me to blog about what 5 books I would tell every pastor to read.

"Daddy Dates" by Greg Wright - a book about raising strong and confident daughters. A bit of a departure from my normal review material, but as a father of a young daughter I was happily surprised to have this option; hopefully it is good.

One good month gone, so here's to another good month to come!

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