"Daddy Dates" by Greg Wright

Greg Wright. Daddy Dates: Four Daughters, One Clueless Dad, and His Quest to Win Their Hearts. Thomas Nelson, 2011, 224 pgs. 

Greg Wright is the father of four daughters. Faced with a house full of women he loved, Greg knew he needed to do some work to live out that love in a way his family would appreciate. So he took a retreat, did some thinking, and came up with the idea of spending time one-on-one with the women of his home. That time had to be focused on them, he had to listen, he had to put thought and effort and creativity into it, and he had to make it special. In other words, he would date all five women, not just his wife. 

Now, you might read that and say 'duh.' But, for some reason, there is a disconnect for many fathers in exactly this area. We understand, or understood, the necessity of these actions when courting our wives (or faked understanding well enough to get by) but then we get married and forget it all. So, while the advice Wright offers is simple, it is also right on the mark. This book is worth the time.

Conclusion: 4 of 5 Stars. Conditionally Recommended. This is a great book for fathers. Wright has an easy, readable, style with a well balanced array of jokes, stories, tips, and good advice. 

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