RCPC Day 2

#RCPC2011 (Regent College Pastors Conference 2011)

Speaker Quote of the Day:
"Evangelical communion can be very christo-monic. Only the second person of the trinity gets mentioned during the Eucharist. The father, well he doesn't really have anything to do with it. And the Spirit, He is busy, off doing His thing with the Pentecostals. But, you can have the other two, we have Jesus and we will be fine with Him, thank you very much!"
- Gordon Smith (who, I learned today, is an amazing speaker, brilliantly sarcastic and witty, and a pleasure to listen to)

Other Quote of the Day:
"My contention is that at the heart of every good theology lies not simply a plausible intellectual vision but more importantly a compelling account of a way of life, and that theology is therefore best done from within the pursuit of this way of life."
- Miroslav Volf

Event of the Day:
Actually, my favorite part of the day was the bus ride in, during which I read "Captive to the Word of God" by Miroslav Volf.  That is not to say the conference was bad, not at all; today was exceptional.  It is, however, to say that Volf was even more so! 

As an actual event, however, I would have to say that the best part of the day was listening to Gordon Smith talk about sacrament and mission in the church. He and I share denominational ties and so I found it especially funny, and insightful, as he made numerous comments about the strangeness of how we do thing sometimes. He made the comment that he grew up churches which were all about the word. The altar, from which the Lord's Supper was served, was on wheels; it could be rolled in and out as necessary. The pulpit, however, was bolted to the floor. Things like that.  

Books purchased so far: 5.  That bookstore is so good/evil. 

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