Introducing... My Wife!

Welcome to the blogosphere love! You look a bit dazed; was the trip here long and tiring? 

Well, I, and we, are glad you are here. And I an assure you, honey, that you are going to have a great time here! Wink Wink!


By now you ought to wonder what I am talking about, yes? Of course you do! I know exactly how curious a bunch you are!

First, the obvious: Kristina has started a blog. "Mommy's Monkeys". Not only has she started a blog, but she has pre-populated it with posts so that now that she has 'gone public' there is already a bit of history on her site. That also means there are several good posts for you to go and read. But, you ask, why would you read them? I am glad you asked, because that takes us to my second point. 

Second, the soon to be obvious: Kristina's blog is about being a mother, and about our family. If you have already clicked the link to her blog, this news will have moved from being 'soon to be obvious' to 'already obvious.'  If you haven't already clicked one of the links to her blog, I only have one thing to say to you: Get moving! Who wouldn't want to read this stuff? And I am not biased in the least. 

Third, given the author and subject matter, I urge you all to check it out. You can see many more pictures of our family, learn what an amazing wife and mother Kristina is (and I am not just saying that; it is true!), get some interesting ideas of activities to do with your own kids, and generally have a good time laughing and enjoying some virtual sharing with our family. 

Once again, Kristina has started a blog. Check it out.

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