Books for Pastors - List 4: Oldie but a Goodie

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Lets face it, most of us don't read many books which are over 100 years old. But we should. Most of the best books ever written are old. Here is a list of five books over 100 years old which pastors should read.

1. "Orthodoxy" by G.K. Chesterton. Ridiculously good book. Still highly relevant. Chesterton writes a vision of what orthodoxy should be, breathing life into a tired word, and on the way tells you why he has faith. This book will reinvigorate your faith and your mind. 

2. "Enchiridion" or "Faith, Hope, and Love" by Augustine of Hippo. I know, everyone will tell you to read "Confessions" by Augustine; and you should. It is quite the book. However, part of why it is so renowned is due to it being the first of its kind, another reason is because of the deep philosophy, and a third reason is because of Augustine's amazing story. These are all great things, but not so helpful to the pastor. Meanwhile, in the Enchiridion you have a kind of manual on the Christian life by Augustine and this will be much more helpful. 

3. "On The Priesthood" by John Chrysostom. About what it says it is about, this great little book by Chrysostom provides some very good thoughts on being pastors. 

4. "On The Incarnation of the Word" by Athanasius. This is one of the first great defenses of Christian orthodoxy and a deep look at why the incarnation of Christ is central to the gospel. 

5. “The Interior Castle” by Teresa of Avilla. One of the best books on prayer ever written. Enough said. 

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