Up Late

Don't you just hate it when you can't sleep? Or, when you do fall asleep, but get completely woken up so shortly afterwards that you feel like you just had a nap and are ready to go?

Yeah, so its 12:20, and I should be in bed. The women of the house are sleeping away, and I am jealous.

So, what do I do with time like this? Check email, facebook, post on here and comment... then I play silly games, like this or this.

I try to read, but usually I don't have the focus at this time of night unless I force myself to be really awake, and eat something, but then I won't be asleep for hours. So, I find things to do that wile away the time while my body and brain slowly shut down so I can go back to bed.

Of course, computer screens are supposed to be bad for this process, as the light shining from them directly into your eyes tricks your brain into thinking its more like daytime, so maybe I will just go lay down and listen to music.


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