Cassandra's Questions

How does love trigger the disintegration of the loved one?

How do efforts to control another become an adaptation to the other's weakness?

Why does dependency kill?

How does rigidity in one person create self-doubt in another?

Why is it the nature of craziness to drive those who try to understand it in others crazy?

How does support weaken? or challenge become a form of caring?

When does responsibility for others become irresponsible?

How do words lose their power then they are used to overpower?
- Friedman's Fables, pg. 107-108

The book had one good part, despite my review. So, what do you think? How would you answer those questions?


Lynn said...

How would you answer those questions.

Andrew said...

Now that would require a whole other blog post; possibly several! :)

I'll get there, I think (and post the notice on facebook when I do :)

Lynn said...

My very "partial" and simple answer to a lot of those questions is; people not only live up to our expectations they also live down to our expectations.