Through Her Eyes

She is at peace, restful, sleeping.

Her world secure, time is sweet, and all is right with the world. Laying in her cage with padded bars. True, those bars constrain, but they also comfort and welcome. Huddled close and warm; what more could she want?

Crises, catastrophe, panic. Source unknown, the world is wrong. Tremors like giant hiccups shudder through her entire body, ringing gasping cries from unwilling lungs, forcing awareness on a mind not present. From head to toe she shakes.

Now, now this panic has a source. Giant arms reach down through the non-existent ceiling of her cage, each longer than her entire body. Panic intensifies and shudders turn to writhing.

It is true, those arms bring comfort and welcome, but they also constrain. To unwelcome awareness and sound is added unsettling movement.

But, slowly, everything changes. Awareness gradually narrows to a nearby heartbeat not her own: steady, firm, secure. Soothing whispers break through the gasping cries. And the movement lessens the awareness of the pain.

Succor is offered, and accepted. New focus, sweet and relaxed. A truce is made, between her and those arms. The crises evaporates like mist, like dust in the wind; was it all just a dream?

Eyes never opened cease their flutter. She is at peace, restful, sleeping.

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