Graduation Thoughts (#5): Friends and Good Times

Still more to say. Kristina pointed out that I write about my time at Regent different than I talk about it. And she's write. When I talk, I am usually giving short, one or two sentence answers to easy questions. I am not reflecting, trying to mull it over and give a fuller presentation. Still, she also pointed out that I haven't really talked about friends and good times yet, which are things that come up in conversation.

When she pointed this out, I realized not only that she was right, but that I have compartmentalized my experience at Regent. I no longer think of the friends I made at Regent as part of Regent; they are just friends, who I hope to continue being friends with for a long time. Still, I met them there, so I might as well put them in here :)

One of the well organized good ideas that Regent tries to foist upon all new and married students is something called the 'Regent Spouses Network.' This is a way for spouses of Regent students to be involved in the community despite not taking courses (or as many courses) as their other halves. Kristina signed up for this, and it turned out great. She got into a group with some wonderful women, and it just so happened (or God just so planned it :) that all of the husbands of the women in that group somehow got to know each other at school and become friends. So, every two weeks for several years all the women would get together at somebodies house, and all the men would get together somewhere else (another house, or a pub, or something like that).
Now those were good times. We had a lot of fun together. 8 cent wings during the world cup, lots of good conversations, good beer, some games. And we have all been in very similar places in life. At this point, I am pretty sure we all have children, some very close together, others a year or two apart (which is still pretty close). Sadly, many of the group have moved away. Regent does, after all, attract 2/3rd's or more of its student body from abroad, which means most people head off eventually. Still, distance doesn't kill friendships with the technology we take for granted :) And some of us are still around.

Other good times: I also got to know several prof's quite well, and that was a huge blessing. On top of that, Regent puts on a lot of good events. The retreat in the fall we went to in my first year, guest speakers of high quality (I think my favorite was listening to, and then meeting and chatting with, Miroslav Volf), and some ridiculously good seminar courses (Atonement with J.I. Packer; now there is a course).

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