Faith and Cruciformity

More stuff from Cruciformity by Gorman

He explores the idea of a cruciform faith (As well as hope, love, and power) in his book, and concludes with these 5 observations (pg. 153; my paraphrases, but mostly quotes):

1. Faith is the renunciation of (or crucifixion of) all other possible basis for justification. Faith means one can only boast in God or the cross.
- How many times do I like to rely on other things to justify myself?

2. Faith is freedom from all powers that enslave humanity, including those about which we might boast about.
- Freedom from pride? Money? Power? The question we always have to ask ourselves if we really want to be free of these things.

3. Faith is conformity to Jesus' faith, his posture to life and obedience and trust before God the Father.

4. Faith is both the initial and ongoing experience of the above, as it begins and maintains our restored covenant relationship with God.
- Ahh the ongoing element of faith; often problematic to reformation thought (though not the good thinkers :)

5. Faith is costly.
- Hello Bonhoeffer

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