March Reflections

One quarter of 2011 has now passed us all by. I hope you used it well.

Top Posts of March 2011

1. "Love Wins" By Rob Bell - Controversy wins again I suppose. 

2. Regent Summer School - I am glad this post was the second most popular. I know it is because of links on Regents web pages, but still, if any post is to be popular then I am glad it is this post which points people to a good place. 

3. Controversy Rages On - Indeed... 

Obviously I didn't learn anything from my top posts that I didn't already learn last month. However, despite none of them being in the top 3, I was able to follow through on my promise to review other books. Some of the highlights, in my own mind (regardless of what the number of hits might say!) were:
"To Change the World" by James Davison Hunter - a must read if ever there was one. 
"Is God a Moral Monster" by Paul Copan - An excellent handling and exploration of very difficult questions. 
"An Unsettling God" by Walter Brueggemann - Thought provoking and intelligent. 

As well as those being highlights, I have found that I enjoy reviewing good books a lot more than bad ones. I am still striving towards a balance in accepting free books and reviewing other good books, but hopefully I am on my way. 

Do you have any suggestions for my blog? Any requests? As I mentioned in one of my book reviews, I was reading it and reviewing it because a friend asked. So, ask away!

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