Controversy Rages On

At the end of February Christian social networks exploded. Rob Bell a heretic? Could it be? 

I posted several times myself; talking about evangelical controversialists and disagreeing with Kevin DeYoung that Rob Bell had already outed himself as a heretic. 

The book isn't out yet, but the posts continue. In a comment, Roger alerted me to the fact that the issue hit mainline news shortly after it all got started. Now it is there again: in USA Today's article: Pastor/author's 'Love Wins' bedevils traditionalists (concluding with a very insightful comment by Richard Mouw)

Further, several bloggers have received advanced copies of the book, and so reviews are starting to come out as well. Some are more positive; like this one. Others, such as that from Kevin DeYoung, less so.

Here's my question. Should I buy, read, and review "Love Wins" by Rob Bell? Do you care, and would you find it helpful/interesting? 


kering said...

Yes please!!!!

christine said...


doch said...

I have never read a Rob Bell book that didn't challenge me to think more deeply about my beliefs. I doubt if this will be any different.

Unca Doug

Tiff said...

i care. :P sounds interesting.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments :)

Sounds like I am getting the book!

Andrew said...

Streaming video interview/presentation with Bell:

Trevor said...

Hi Andrew,
I've always tried to be a borrower of such books. For example the Divinci Code...What Jesus Really Said - Ehrman... I couldn't bear to donate the money to Brown, Ehrman or his publishers, but I knew that the books would be read by thousands. By not reading it, I'd miss the opportunity to understand the undertones that the book would leave on the average sojourner. So I'd encourage you to receive the book for free (as a book reviewer), and encourage those who want to read it to go to their library, request them to buy it, and then borrow the book themselves from the library, or from you!.

That's what I plan on doing.