I worked in a coffee shop for part of today. While I was there I witnessed an elderly man teaching English to a Korean woman. Before he left, he stopped to ask my opinion on laptops. He has been considering buying one for some time, and wanted my opinion. I didn't, and don't, even know his name.  Kristina says I have 'one of those trustworthy faces.' I think people need to look closer. 

Hannah is getting sick today; she was very cuddly, very needy, and she sat still for several long periods of time. She wanted to go straight to bed, have her warm milk, and have me sing 'her song' several times. Her song, when it's me she is asking, is 'Amazing Grace.' 

Someone found my blog today by entering "Mark Driscoll Vampire" into Google. I am 9th on the list of hits for this search string. I wonder what that person was looking for. 

Back in the fall I had started to feel like I was running out of good books/authors. Since then I have 'discovered' 4 'new' Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors I really enjoy, 3 'new' Christian authors whose work I intend to fully explore, and 2 'new' scientist authors with whom I will do the same. I don't know what kind of drugs I was on when I thought I was running out of authors/books, but in hindsight it is obvious no such thing is likely to be possible in my lifetime. Boredom truly is a problem of semiotic breakdown. 

I have been praying a blessing over Hannah, and Ethan, every day for months now (May the Lord bless you and keep you...). Yet, it still spawns new thoughts and reflections regularly. Makes me wonder how much I have missed through lack of repetition. I have a good memory, but it is not the same as regular recitation. 

Here is the strangest picture I think I looked at today:

Have a nice day!

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