February Reflections

Another month gone... Time is a funny thing, if only I could add more to each day by doing something simple like... oh, I don't, worrying maybe?

Top 3 Posts of February:

1. Parsing Contemporary Christian Music - A brief post on problems in worship and popular Christian music.
2. Evangelical Controversialists - Complaining about some reactionary evangelicals. Considering I posted this on the last day of February, and it had legitimately reached 2nd place before the day was done, clearly a popular topic.
3. Couples Who Pray - A harsh book review on a terrible book.
OR (honorable mention)
3. A Gracious Reading of Rob Bell - One possible interpretation of that controversial Rob Bell video. I put this as an honorable mention because by the end of Feb. it was only 4th place, but it is now up to 3rd.

What can I learn from this? Unsurprisingly my posts are more popular when they are harsh and/or controversial. This is not news to me. A quick browse through the blogosphere will suffice to show that any blog which fits these qualities gets more hits (so, the Justin Taylor post which kicked off the controversy over Rob Bell has more than triple the comments of any previous Justin Taylor post). In my mind this represents a sad truth of the internet (that people are not looking at things for the right reasons) and a strong temptation for all bloggers (to become more controversial and harsh just to get more hits). I will not be altering my blogging style or topics in response to these results at all. When the subject or book is controversial or I (hopefully rightly) blast something or some book, then so be it. But I will not be looking for such opportunities. My goal is still to be helpful, encouraging, and truthful.

Other than that, February was a good month for posts with 16 posts. Included in this month was perhaps my worst post ever (which I will continue to advertise and link to so you know exactly what you are getting when you decide to read my blog! :).

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