Twice Excited

I have spent a large part of this afternoon planning our high school youth trip to History Maker Conference.  Looking up dates and locations, prices and promo videos, finding us a place to stay and doing logistics for transportation, and so on and so forth.

As I did so, I found myself getting excited.  If you read my posts last year on the subject, one fairly dark reflection given mid-conference and a slightly more positive post after the conference, then you may be surprised to hear that.  But despite speed bumps along the way it was a great weekend last year.

This year they have some good speakers and artists. You can check out their website to find out: historymaker.ca.  It looks like a good line up.  

What actually started me getting excited was Jaeson Ma's 'Glory' Video (which they had playing on one of their webpages). I have seen 'Love' before; our young adults used it at an outreach.  Glory is even better.  I think I have watched/listened to it about six times now.  I kind of wish I was going to get to see him live.  

Yes, I kind of wish.  But, you wonder, won't you, at HM 2011?  And what's with the 'kind of'?

Let me explain.  I will not be attending HM2011 with ICON.  I will be with my wife in a time share condo, graciously and generously given to us by my parents, for a week, starting on that Friday, celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary.  Not only that, but my parents are taking care of Ethan and Hannah. 

So, I do wish I was going to be with our youth, to see Jaeson Ma, to have a good weekend, and so on.  But I would rather be with my Kristina.  

Hence, I have decided that I am twice excited. I am excited for our youth, who will get to go to HM, see some good speakers and good artist's.  I am also super excited for a week with my best friend.  

Being twice excited rocks.  Time to play "Glory" again!.  

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