History Maker 2010 - Mid Conference Thoughts

ICON (plus counselors, almost entirely from 3D) are in the middle of going to the History Maker conference out in Langley this weekend. Now it's Sunday morning, the last day is before us, and I am home alone waiting until it is time for me to go pick people up. Seriously, I don't sleep well without Kristina... I miss you honey, and I love you :)

Anyway, the conference. I have to start by saying that one of my biggest struggles is to contain my cynicism. I know I need to. I know it comes from pride more than anything. I also know that the conference is not for me; its for the teens. So, that said, most of the conference has been quite good. Watching students praise God, surrender their lives, having fun, growing and bonding, all of it is amazing. The main speaker, Bob Lenz, has delivered humorous, engaging, and content rich talks which focus on God and heaven and Jesus and surrender. I am looking forward to hearing him again today. Other than the hip-hop rappers (and anyone who is at the conference knows I don't need to say any more about them... their second set, on the second day, was much shorter than the first. Upon seeing this, one of our counselors commented that they got instant feedback and weren't allowed to stay for much longer :) the music has been really good. Ben Cantelon leads a very good worship session. And Starfield... well, they are Starfield (and apparently that's all it takes :)

Sadly, last night's speaker (who was not Bob Lenz, so if you really care you can find out who he is by looking up info on History Maker) preached a false gospel. Yes, I realize exactly how strong a statement that I just made. It's the truth though. After the event, which ended early for the night (Praise the Lord! If I had to listen to one more 'bathroom' story... *puke*), I had to take our group aside and explain what was wrong and what we really believe. If all it had been was a bad speaker, or poorly delivered, I don't think I would have done anything. We all have bad days after all. What he ended up saying was that we have to repent and believe the good news (so far so good). What is this good news you have to believe in? That you can stop thinking bad thoughts about yourself, that everything will be alright, that you will get rid of that pimple, that you will get a girl/boyfriend, that you will get a job, and on and on with the good news of positive thinking and the 'American Dream.' He didn't add 'you will be rich and healthy' but he was this close. For me, I am left wondering if he just messed up somehow (really huge mess up, yeah) or if that is really what he believes about the gospel of Jesus Christ? If it is, I feel sorry for his church. The one saving grace about this talk was that it was so bad I don't think most people heard, or will remember, his terrible news.

So, that's the lowlight. Highlights? 16 of our crew crashing White Spot. Listening to Bob Lenz (Heaven is better than: 1. Money. 2. Food. 3. JetSkies/WaveRunners 4. Getting Drunk. 5. Sex and in heave there will be no more: Tears, abuse, suffering, sadness, death, disease, pain, etc. Good stuff, and everyone remembers that talk.) And, more than anything else so far, my number one highlight so far: seeing some of our students come forward to surrender their whole lives to Christ. You guys ROCK!!!

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