"Couples Who Pray" By Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt

Squire Rushnell, Louise DuArt.  Couples who Pray: The Most Intimate Act Between a Man and a Woman. Thomas Nelson, 2011.  224 pages. 

Thanks to BookSneeze® for providing a free copy of this book for me to review. 

This is a book which aims to improve your marriage.  It argues that couples who pray together stay together (that almost hurt to write).  In terms of outline, the book begins by touting the benefits of prayer, moves on to the "40 Day Prayer Challenge" and then explores some of the obstacles and outcomes of praying together as a couple. In terms of content, the majority of this book is the stories of people, mostly celebrities, who have taken this challenge. 

I have to begin by saying that as an idea, or advice, the main point of this book is great.  Getting couples to pray together will help their marriage and it is a good thing.  Further, the idea of a 40 day challenge is a great start.  However, as a book, Couples Who Pray is made of fail.  The vast majority of this book is celebrity stories, liberally supported by questionable statistics, with very little in the way of scripture, theology, or teaching.  It is filled with a few good points elaborated very poorly and at length.  When I got to chapter 9 I almost choked.  "Six Steps to a Happy Marriage"?  Really?  And elaborated with the acronym L.A.U.G.H.S.?  ...  Positive content wise, this book should have been 1 page, not 224.  That 1 page, pure gold.  The other 223? Waste of space.  

Conclusion: 1 Star.  Not Recommended.  Look, you should pray with your spouse.  I suppose if you need some celebrity stories and interesting stats to get going, then this book is made for you.  For the rest of us, just start praying and talk to your Pastor.  


Anonymous said...

I hate when you pull your punches. ☺

Roger Hui

Andrew said...

LOL :)

I'll try to be a little bit more hard hitting next time, just for you!