January Reflections

Another month come and gone like the whirlwind it was.  

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I only posted 9 times in January; averaging barely 2 a week.  It was not a busy preaching month, but I have been giving the whole writing thing a go (as per my Determinations for the Neoteric Heliacal Circumvolution). I have to say, it has been much harder than I expected, and it is the only one of my resolutions I have not fully kept.  I have flossed every day since Jan. 1st (and my gums stopped bleeding weeks ago!).  I have cut down on dessert (enough that Kristina has made comments several times).  I do love my family more than I did last month.  And I have spent at least 5 minutes on my knees listening to God most mornings, as well as incorporating more listening into my other prayer times.  But I think I write 1-3 times a week, not 6... 

Other than those updates, I will say that several times I have wanted to write things for this blog and just put it off until I forget.  I suck at organization, so what I need to do is write stuff down sooner even if I don't get back to it until later.  I know, I should have figured stuff like that out way back in high school (or sooner).  The fact is, I did figure it out back then, but I keep putting it off until I forget.  Figures :) 

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