End of the Weekend

The weekend is over. Yes, its Monday night, I know. For me, that is now the end of the weekend.

Anyway, I was at History Maker Conference Fri-Sun, as I mentioned in my last post. It's over now, but it was a great weekend. It is true that regardless of religion or the presence of God, having 3500+ people in an arena singing has a deep emotional impact all its own. Nonetheless, God was there. Christianity, and our experience this weekend, was not merely emotionalism, but it certainly wasn't less than that either.

My number one highlight remains seeing students, particularly BAC students, surrender to Christ and ask God to use them. Other than that, day 3 brought some more good talks by Bob Lenz (both in the main session and a break-out session), a 2nd terrible talk by that other guy, and more good times.

Today was a day to catch up on sleep, be with family, fail to run errands (mostly because everything is closed on a holiday Monday), and watch 4.5 hours of "Lost" Season Finale stuff. Don't even get me started on Lost though.


adriel said...

Haha, hope you had a relaxing Monday. HM was a blast despite a few minor hiccups but I think clearing it up was a great lesson in itself. God works in great ways! Thanks for the counselor invite :)

Tiff said...

HM was greattt pastor andrew! =D thanks for having us go =) i'd love to go again next year =D

Andrew said...

Your both welcome, and I would love to next year as well :) Thanks for being a counselor Adge (you, and everyone else, did a great job), and thanks for coming Tiff (you, and the other students at BAC, make my job easy; I appreciate it :)