Determinations for the Neoteric Heliacal Circumvolution

I can't remember the last time I made any kind of neoteric heliacal circumvolution determinations (henceforth known as NHCD's).  I think the first one ought to be something about making less liberal use of a thesaurus.  I just wanted to see how convoluted I could make the phrase "New Year's Resolution" because I tend to look at such exercises as silly.  It makes me feel better to call it something elaborate. 

Kristina calls NHCD's (hereafter abbreviated as ND's) 'pedantic.' I suppose they can be at that.  Personally, I think if you want to change something then just do it.  Why make a big deal about an arbitrary calendar date?  As far as I have ever been able to tell there is no mystical power available just today, no subterranean door which opens up every Jan. 1st to release the mists of change. 

However, I have recently been reminded that 'my way' is not necessarily better.  As hard as it is to believe mine and better are not synonyms.  So, if you need the psychological kick-start of the new year in order to make your ND's (from now on denoted as D's) actually happen, then go for it. 

Why, then, do I have my own list of D's this year?  Coincidence.  It just so happens that in the last month I have decided to try to make a few changes, and I can conveniently sum them up as a list of D's. 

So, with that bit of preamble out of the way, on to the D's (in no particular order). 

1. Floss everyday

Yes, you read that right.  Floss.  I am 28 years old and just now resoluting to floss every day.  Statistically, I am far from unusual.  According to surveys 28% of people floss every day.  According to sales figures of actual floss, it is more like 15%.  

That said, I hate the question.  You know, the one the dentist asks every time you go in? 

"Do you floss?"  or "How often do you floss?"

She is not asking for informational purposes.  So far all she has done is to ask me to 'open wide' and my gums already look like they have faced off against some kind of mini-machine-gun.  Watching the blood run down my chin, the dentist knows exactly how much I floss.  She is asking because even if I lie she knows that I can't tell her I won't floss from now on.  I have to tell her that I will, because I know its a good idea, healthy, and all that other good stuff.  

Next time I go to the dentist I am going to be able to answer confidently, with gums standing tall and proud, nary a speck of blood in site, that YES, I do floss. Oh, and I might also have healthier gums.  That's good too. 

2. Eat Less Dessert

Yes, again, you read that right.  I have a massive sweet tooth.  I have also enjoyed 28 good years of high metabolism which, in terms of weight gain, enabled me to eat whatever I want.  My brother used to joke that I kept a machine under my bed which I would sneak into at night in order to keep my metabolism up.  I wish. If I did I wouldn't be slowly noticing the fact that the desserts I eat don't 'disappear' as quickly as they used to. 

Instead, it is time to face the inevitable and change my eating habits.  Grumble grumble....

3. Write 5-6 Days a Week

No, I don't mean here on this blog.  Though, I do hope to continue to blog regularly (unlike during the month of December) I mean actually write, as in towards a book.  I don't expect to do a lot; 200-250 words a day or so, just enough that in a 1-1.5 years I may have a book done.  While I would love to get it published, I think I need to start several steps back from that and just work on improving my writing. 

4. Love Kristina, Hannah, and Ethan More Each Day

Ahh, the obligatory mushy D.  In this case, I really mean it.  Of all of my D's this will be the easiest to keep.  Just listen to this song.

5. Spend More Time Listening in Prayer

Pretty self-explanatory.  

There you have it; my list of D's.

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