Women in Ministry

Recently, my denomination (Christian and Missionary Alliance) has begun to consider its position on women in ministry, specifically via ordination.

Some of the questions/issues:

- we already allow women teachers, missionaries, and elders. However, they cannot be ordained or take on the role of senior pastor (or, technically, pastor). This leads to a consistency problem, as women are doing all the things that pastors do, except, perhaps, heading a church (even there, however, women eldership is heading a church, as pastors report to elders)

- The ordination process itself is anything but clear cut (why do we do it; what does it mean/accomplish, etc. you can read the definition here)

- Biblically we tend to focus on 1 Tim. 2, 1 Cor. 13, as well as, possibly (and I think mistakenly), Gen. 1-2.

- Biblically we tend to ignore the gospel witness (especially Luke 10:38-42) as well as the list of Church leaders in Paul (such as those listed in Romans 16).

- Often the issue comes to a decision over whether a woman should be a 'Senior Pastor' which I find odd, as this is a relatively modern position. We are better of focusing on issues of headship/authority

So, what do you think? Should women be allowed to be ordained? If so, then to what positions (any, or just some)? If not, then what do you say about the vast number of leadership positions women are already allowed to occupy?

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