Gospel Summaries

I'm reading through "Insights on John" by Charles Swindoll for an upcoming blog tour. Not finished it, and its not time to post the reviews yet, but I thought these were some great gospel summaries that I wanted to share:

Matthew wrote, "This is the Messiah, the King; worship Him."
Mark wrote, "This is the Servant who served humanity; follow Him."
Luke wrote, "This is the only man among men without sin; emulate Him."
John says, "This is God in human flesh; believe in Him."
- Charles Swindoll, Insights on John, pg. 17.

Not only is that a good gospel summary, its a pretty good summary of the Christian life: Belive in, emulate, follow, and worship Jesus Christ the sinless messiah, servant king, God.

Look for the rest on July 26th-30th.

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