Christian Apologetics Week Book Review #3: The Reason for God

Another repeated, dictated by lack of time :) I promise, a new one tomorrow and the day after. 

The original review is here.

This book is a blend of classic apologetics material, in terms of answering some of the hard questions, with a different methodology of apologetics.  Keller asks us to always begin in doubt, both the skeptic and the Christian.  He makes the point that all doubts must also be doubted, as they are inevitably based on faith.  From there, he goes on to show how some of the most common questions people ask of Christianity are based on their own unsustainable faith claims. 

This book is a kind of halfway point, offering some interesting suggestions and answers, while focusing on the questions as well.  It does not, however, actually get you very far towards defending the faith.  Instead, it focuses on knowing the source and basis of our questions, doubts, and faith. 

Overall, this book provides a necessary step in the path of apologetics, but it needs to be read along side other, more substantial, defenses of Christianity. 

My recommendations, as per original post, stand.  

This post is part of Christian Apologetics Week.  The introduction, with links to other posts, can be found here.

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