Living in a Smaller World

Here's something to think about. If our world really will get smaller soon, with less cheap energy, more of our finances going towards food and shelter, and most industries and work becoming local, then how should we prepare?

One of the things I am thinking is that we are all so used to being incredibly specialized in our knowledge and abilities. We know our job, and a few hobbies, but other than that when something goes wrong we call the professionals. If Rubin, from my last post, is right, this trend will have to cease, or at least slow down. So, ought we to learn a few more practical skills? and if so, which ones?

In a smaller world what skill set do you think would be the most useful? Some suggestions: Gardening, mechanical repair, sewing/knitting/etc., carpentry/basic construction... got some more to add? and which ones would be best?

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