More Excellent Wiersbe Quotes

Warren Wiersbe, On Being A Servant of God. Baker Books, 1993. 

"God's goal for our lives is not money but maturity, not happiness but holiness, not getting but giving.  God is at work making people more like His Son, and that's what Christian service is all about." (pg. 45)

4 points of advice for young workers:
"1. Never take down a fence until you know why it was put up.
2. If you get too far ahead of the army, your soldiers may mistake you for the enemy.
3. Don't complain about the bottom rungs of the ladder; they helped to get you higher.
4. If you want to enjoy the rainbow, be prepared to endure the storm."
(pg. 84-85)

"Your heart grows by giving out, but your mind grows by taking in; and both are necessary to a happy and balanced life of service.... reading is only the key that opens the door to the vault.  Assimilating what you read, relating it to what you already know, and practicing it where you serve put the treasure to work paying dividends." (pg. 86, 88)

6 Myths about reading and readers which Wiersbe 'slays':
- You have to be the 'student type' to be an effective reader.
- Reading books will of itself guarantee growth and success.
- you have to read many books, especially the best-sellers, to qualify as a good reader.
- big libraries make you smarter.
- there is a 'best book' (Wiersbe points out that there are best books for you but not in general)
- we should only read 'approved' authors.
(Chapter 19)

5 Joys of Christian Ministry:
- The joy of pleasing the Lord.
- The Joy of growing more like the Master.
- The Joy of helpings others come to know Jesus Christ and live for Him.
- The Joy of knowing that as you serve the Lord God is in control.
- The Joy of wonderful fellowship with fellow servants of God.
(Chapter 21)

Here is a 'duh' quote which we all need to be reminded of, and reminded frequently:
"No matter what ministry the Lord has assigned to you, you can't succeed apart from the Word of God." (pg. 105)

"If we can't handle the minor complaints of life heroically, how will we respond if something really serious comes our way?" (Pg. 133)

Speaking of change: "Since everything else is changing, I don't doubt that change is also changing; but it doesn't disturb me too much.  Not that I'm sanguine about the future, but I've read enough about the past to know that people expect the future to be ominous; and yet somehow, we have survived.  One thing about change hasn't changed: it sill fascinates some people, frightens others, and provides a good living for a prophetic minority... What I'm saying is that things change, old problems fade, and new problems take their place, but life goes on; and you and I have but on life to live and a job to do for God before it ends.  i can't do much about changing the world, but that doesn't keep me awake at night.  Even the people in authority can't do much about changing the world.  But I can do something about bringing God's presence into the world in which He has put me, and that's what ministry is all about." (pg. 144-145)

"The future is our friend when Jesus is our Lord." (pg. 146)

Some good words; I highly recommend this book.

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Thomas said...

Thanks for the summary of those comments on reading. Now I don't have to read the book! It does sound like a good book though...