Christian Apologetics Week Post #7: Conclusion

Well this is late, and its over.  So, after a week of thinking about, writing about, and reviewing apologetics, what do I have to say?

Most enjoyable of the books I reviewed: Atheist Delusions
Most Informative book: Beyond Opinion

Blog Insights:
- I like having a theme like this, it makes me write more by focusing my subject. 
- Writing two posts a day is hard (at least, it is given that this blog is my free time), and if I ever attempt that much again I will have some of them ready in advance.  Otherwise I will do 1 a day. 
- I am never sure how much to write.  I could go on for a long time, but I doubt anyone reads some of my long posts as it is, let alone any 5000 word essays I might care to share. 

Apologetics Insights:
Not to much to say here that I haven't said in some other post during this week. I would only add that questioning Christianity is worth doing.  

So, any recommendations for future theme weeks? 

This post is part of Christian Apologetics Week.  The introduction can be found here, with links to all the posts. 

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