Whats Goin On

I just felt like blogging, so this blog isn't really about anything. Its just whats happening with me.

Life is going well in Korea. We are both continuing to enjoy teaching, I don't know how much more there is to get used to in the culture. Both our shower and our washing machine broke this week, but the school was excellent and fast at taking care of those. Broken monday, fixed wednesday. We have a new washing machine, that actually mixes hot and cold water (our old one you had to pick), and a new shower head that doesn't get half the pressure of the old (but it doesn't spray all over the place either, so I shouldn't complain). We found a nice little restaurant today that serves really good Tonekasa, pork cutlets that is. Maybe, or so I am hoping, we are both over our string of colds. We will see. It is two weeks until Christmas, or just over, and I imagine that, in spite of the holiday we get, this will be a hard time for Kristina and I. Our first Christmas married and our first Christmas away from both our families. Lets see... the only other thing really going on is that all our afternoon classes are changing at the end of december. I am definetly losing my two favorite classes, and keeping me least favorite, but I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles. I am still very thankful for this job, the time we have here, and the opportunity. Compared to Koreans, we are incredibly lucky to be working as we are. Compared to people at home, the same is very much true. I have more time to think and read and write than most ever before, and lots of time with Kristina.

I recently finished 'The Resurrection of the Son of God' (Wright) and am now reading 'The Two Horizons' (Thiselton) for the third time. Kristina got me 'The New Horizon' (Thiselton) for my birthday, so I thought I better reread the first book before I got into it. I also just got 'The Lost Message of Jesus' (Chalke) in the mail today, and have started that. 'Understanding Media' (McLuhan) and 'The Sea of Silver Glass' (Williams) are my other two books. When I finish Williams I am going to start the first book in Stephenson's newest series, 'Quicksilver', and I am looking forward to that.

Life is good, God is good, we are very lucky, and I thank God for all the gifts he has given us. I hope life is going as well for you; I am always here to prayer for you in any case.

God bless, and goodnight.


PakG1 said...

Always there to prayer for us? Thanks, Andrew, but I think you've been in Korea far too long. ;)

I can't think of a single culture that dislikes pork cutlets. Remember those Irish guys back in Toronto? The ones in my suite would cook pork cutlets EVERY SINGLE day.

PakG1 said...

Actually, I can now think of a few cultures that don't eat pork. It seems so obvious now. :)

Stefanie said...

Ah yes, that technological determinist Marshall McLuhan who coined the popular "The medium is the message." Very insightful work. Hope you enjoy it!