Another One Bites the Dust

Another one of my friends has started a blog. Actually, I shouldn't just say another one of my friends. This is THE friend I have known for the longest time; you might say he is 'The Man'. We met in grade 9, it was my first day of school, I had moved over the summer, and I was a replacement for Bob, his invisible friend who got hit by a bus in the middle of the classroom. Anyway, we have kept in touch ever since.

Many of you may have noticed that most of the links on my blog are of a religous nature; my religion is central to who I am and my life. The links that aren't there for that reason are there because they are my friends. This guy, Bucky Jr. as he calls himself on his blog, is here becaues he is my friend, and because he is hilarious. If you want a good laugh, his stuff is worth reading. A while back he emailed out a few short stories to all his friends; great stuff. I hope to see more of that, but I guess we will see.

The Blog of Bucky Jr: Slowly Going Crazy?

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